Comalco Aluminium Corporation Pty Ltd Agreement

i. the need for appropriations and budgets; ii. important works contracts for the city (for example. B, urban cleaning and waste management); iii. Large-scale infrastructure provision; and iv. The development/liberation of the land and modifications to the borders of the city of Weipa. The WTA was originally the Weipa Citizens` Advisory Committee, established in 1997 by RTAW`s predecessor to support Weipa`s governance. The advisory committee, which pretends to be a city council, has a chair (similar to a mayor) and members (like council members) and is the creation of RTAW to assist in the exercise of its governmental prerogatives under the agreement. The WTA is made up of four community elected officials, two representatives appointed by Rio Tinto and one representative of the traditional owner. As outside the councils, the WTA meets once a month and makes decisions on local issues such as urban planning, local development, infrastructure, services and royalties and royalties from local authorities. Section 45 of comalco`s agreement allows RTAW to exercise the majority of powers granted to a local government under the Local Government Act 2009 (LG Act 2009) over certain areas. In essence, the WTA strives to work and function as if it were a local government formed and created under the LG Act 2009. The only areas in which the WTA is not able to act (due to its dependence on the comalco agreement and the law and not the Constitution as a local government under the LG Act of 2009), such as a local government, are: This means that RTAW currently regulates the urban area of Weipa under the Comalco Act and the agreement within the limits set by these instruments, as if it were the local authority for the Weipa Town area.

Although the Comalco Regulation expired in September 2005, this does not affect the operation of the Comalco agreement or the exclusion of the Shire of Cook area. The territory of the city of Weipa is managed by RTA Weipa Pty Ltd (RTAW), in accordance with the Comalco Act 1957 and the Comalco Aluminium Corporation Pty Ltd (Comalco Agreement) under the restrictions provided by these instruments. Commonwealth Aluminium Corporation Pty Limited Agreement (Weipa Town Area) Regulation 1994: Rio Tinto is responsible for the management of the city through the Weipa Town Authority (WTA). The WTA acts in the role of the local authority, with employees who would normally be associated with a local council. The services provided and maintained through the WTA are similar to those provided by local councils throughout Australia and include road maintenance, water supply, town planning, garbage collection, parks, ovals, libraries and public swimming pools.

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