John De Chastelain Good Friday Agreement

“What can they vote on if the Assembly is not in office, and it has now been two years since the Assembly made the issue of the agreement available to the government and the leaders of the North?” “It wouldn`t be good to gild the lilies and say that Sinn Fein are funny nice guys,” the source said. “Gen de Chastelain has a silver ball. If he thinks he`s a politically correct insult to Republicans, he`ll end up shooting him in his own foot. 9. All parties to the Good Friday Agreement pledged to “cooperate constructively and in good faith with the Independent Commission and to use all the influence they may have to secure the dismantling of all paramilitary weapons within two years of the approval of the agreement to the north and south of the agreement and within the framework of the overall regime.” The parties assured the Commission that they were responding to this request and the Commission has no basis to challenge these allegations. “. . . We believe that all participants acting in good faith may be able to convince those who have the weapons to decommission them under the Agreement. We agree that this should be done in the manner defined by the Independent Commission for Decommissioning under the Good Friday Agreement. . Do you agree that all paramilitary weapons should be closed by May 22, 2000, as stipulated in the Good Friday Agreement? A.

Is the paramilitary group prepared to provide the Commission with a solid basis for thinking that the dismantling will take place on time under the Good Friday agreement? And b. While we believe that we agree on the systems to be used for dismantling, when can we expect confirmation of the practical modalities (for example. B types of weapons and in what order, location of decommissioning events, general parameters of the time) – or conduct other negotiations? A positive assessment could pave the way for Unionists for the first time in Ireland`s history with republicans in government, while a gloomy assessment could sound the decline of the Good Friday agreement.

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