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(DETR), the UI fund contributed $109,681,548 for the week to April 25, 2020. That`s almost $110 million. From the West, Arizona, California and Colorado would not be eligible for interest-free UI Fund loans. The U.S. Department of Labor announced Thursday, May 7, 2020, that 3.2 million Americans had filed new job applications across the country last week. On April 25, the UI Fund retained nearly $1.6 billion. If the UI fund is exhausted, Nevada is one of 31 states that, because of the solvency of the state`s UI fund, receive interest-free loans from the federal government earlier this year. This brings the total number of unemployed to 33 million since the COVID 19 pandemic triggered the economic crisis. U.S. Department of Labor began in Nevada in 2020 with $1.94 billion in its UI fund.

In 2019, the Fund earned $41 million in interest. So what is the status of the Nevada Unemployment Insurance Fund (UI Fund) to handle tens of thousands of new claims? You can register for unemployment and you can find more information at:

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