Virgin Media Service Level Agreement

1. Our goal is to provide a television service that covers a wide range of interests. A self-service portal allows for functions such as adding new subscribers to the service and assigning phone numbers, setting up call transmission, mailboxes, and setting up Hold music without a technician. With queues, redirection, voicemail and of course Business Mobile options, you can really take your business anywhere. 8. We believe that this is necessary, for example. B in dealing with threats to the security or integrity of the network or services we provide. 13. If we have made credit payments under Virgin Media`s Automatic Clearing System and we find out later, you are not entitled to such credits under Virgin Media`s Auto Clearing System (for example. B your report on a total loss of services is fraudulent, unserious or annoying, or if you have seriously violated your agreement with us, for example.

B A violation of Section G.2), we can ask you for the credit you received under the Virgin Media program. 3. If you install the Services yourself (via Quickstart or a similar self-installation solution), this is either the first date on which each service is available for use of the Services, or the date on which we receive confirmation that your installation kit has been delivered, based on the previous date. 1. You have broken this agreement in a serious and non-minor way (and in this case we can also reduce the level of services concerned); 1. for direct property damage to people at your property (including equipment on which television services are activated), up to USD 100,000 for an event or series of related events; and eight. We reserve the right to automatically activate any additional and separate bandwidth on the devices we provide to you in order to offer other customers in the environment a separate local wireless network (Wi-Fi Hotspot) that allows them to connect as long as it does not affect the services we offer you. 4. If you terminate the services during the cooling-off period, we will refund all payments we have received from you, including the cost of each delivery for all devices you have ordered, except cost and cost information in accordance with paragraphs M.5.1 and/or M.5.2. If you cancel an equipment order, we will automatically cancel your order for services, unless you inform us. 3. You agree to inform us as soon as possible of any loss or damage to part of our equipment.

You should do this by talking to our customer service team. You accept that you are responsible for any loss or deterioration of the device, no matter how it happens, unless we were. We charge you for any loss or damage to the equipment for which you are responsible and this tax will not exceed the fees set in the price guide of the affected devices. – If you have broken our agreement in a serious way, we may suspend some or all of your services, or even terminate your agreement. We will behave reasonably when we decide on the procedure to be adopted and, if possible, discuss it with you first. Does anyone know this is a standard level agreement for the total loss of the resedential service sector? 5. We believe that you or any other person at home has committed or could commit fraud against us and/or any other person or organization using services or equipment (or both); – If you return home during your minimum period and we have agreed to continue to provide the same services at your new address, your minimum duration will be maintained (for example. B if your services have a minimum period of 12 months, if you move in month 7 of your minimum period, the remaining 5 months will apply to your minimum period).

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