Walk In Agreement With God

The “two” that work together are the judgment of God and the word of the prophet. The prophet pronounces God`s judgment, because God has charged him; the prophet is in a spirit with God. That is why the Lord is with him and confirms his words. The Hebrew word used here (yaad – 3259 Stronge`s exhaustive Concorde) means that the Prophet does not speak for himself, but as God guides and moves him, the so-called agreement between God and his prophets. As I pondered how I could explain this concept, the Lord thought of this idea – going with God is like going through life with a best friend. We consider marriage to be “common life.” Sin will prevent God`s people from having communion with them, and sin without recognition will also bring a hedge between God and his people. We all think, whether in words, deeds or thoughts, but when the Spirit of God brings our sins to our thoughts, we must immediately repent and turn away from sin. When one walks standing before God brings an agreement, the individual agrees with the word of God to live according to him. If you walk in accordance with the Word of God, also bring blessings (If you are ready and obedient, you will eat the good of the country – Isaiah 1:19).

Amos 3:1 Begins with these words: “Listen to this word that the Lord spoke against you, the people of Israel.” Then in verse 2, which says: “… That`s why I`m going to punish you for all your inconvenience. followed by our key verse, in verse 3, which says, “Two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet? To be with someone here is to correspond to their destination and their itinerary. Implicitly, the prophet “goes” with the Lord. Let`s look at two applications of this verse. Walking is good for your health. Going with God is good for your spiritual health!! Obviously, it is a great thing to go with God. Because if Noah hadn`t gone with God, we wouldn`t be here today! “Two walk together, (effect), unless they have agreed to meet?” (cause) They could not expect a pleasant communion with God if they had not first made peace with Him. Where there is no friendship, there can be no community. The prophets, who had warned them of impending judgments, gave them only what they received from the Lord (In truth, the Lord, God, will do nothing, but He reveals his mysteries to his servants the prophets- Amos 3:7).

The mystery of God is in a particular way with the prophets, for whom the spirit of prophecy is a spirit of revelation. Prophets should make known to the people their sins and God`s judgment if they continued in their sins. During his journey, Henoch has God for his companion and has lived in constant communion with his Creator.

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