Chatham House Agreement

In 1922, when the membership of the Institute increased, it was necessary to have a larger and more practical space and the Institute acquired through the gift of Canadian Colonel R. W. Leonard, Chatham House, Number 10 St James`s Square, where the Institute is still located. [19] “This agreement is much more ambitious in terms of reciprocal market access than the free trade agreements already signed by Ukraine. In addition, Britain already concludes agreements on the free access to industrial products in relations with the EU, we call it the “industrial visa-free regime”… And Ukraine is not the last on the list of countries with which such an agreement can be concluded. This is very important,” said the Chief of the Office. In addition, the agreement will help strengthen cooperation between countries in the area of trade in services. Chatham House takes its name from the building in which it is headquartered, an 18th century listed house in St James`s Square, partly designed by Henry Flitcroft and occupied by three British Prime Ministers, including William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham.

He stressed that the signed agreement was a win-win situation for both Ukraine and the United Kingdom, which would help to increase bilateral trade, which currently stands at around 2 billion pounds. “This agreement will also help the UK address potential issues related to the post-Brexit transition. And for Ukraine, it will be an opportunity to diversify our export markets. I think it will also open up great business opportunities for both countries,” said Andriy Yermak. Chatham House held the first Commonwealth Relations Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1933. The conference, held every five years or so, provided a forum for political, legal, academic and other leaders to discuss the implications of the recent Imperial Conferences. [31] Faced with the need for a “essential foreign policy agreement between the various governments”, Major General Sir Neill Malcolm, Chairman of the Institute`s Council,[32] stressed the need for a “substantial foreign policy agreement between different governments”, with the Commonwealth Relations Conference being the vehicle on which such cooperation is carried out and maintained. [33] “Here, Ukraine can offer something valuable to British companies looking for technical and COMPUTER know-how.

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