Rental Agreement In Japan

Whether you want to go to work in Japan or just enjoy Japanese culture, one of the biggest obstacles may be finding a place to live. This guide will tell you everything you need to know when you start your rental search. Although the time required to complete the process varies depending on the circumstances, the necessary documents are in principle common and necessary when applying for rental property. It is advisable to specify all documents before starting the real estate search, as the preparation may take longer than you hope. To enter into a tenancy agreement, non-Japanese tenants must provide the following documents. In addition, some buildings are geared towards company rents. If your business makes your home available, you are likely to end up in a pre-furnished apartment. As a general rule, a rental agreement in Japan contains a clause that states that at the time of the subsidence of the rented property, it is the tenant`s responsibility to restore the apartment to its natural state before the evacuation. This essentially means that the tenant is required to pay for cleaning and restoration instead of repairs or damage to the rented property.

Step 4. Sign a lease After careful reading and agreement on terms and conditions, sign the agreement. At this point, the payment of the deposit and the money from the keys can also be made through the Agency. The Japanese apartments are rented with the intention of returning them in the same condition as the one where they were rented. Never upgrade your rental property without talking to your landlord. A renovation may seem convenient, but your landlord can`t agree. Unauthorized changes can become a claim fee. Your landlord may support your ideas for improving your own home and reward you even by renting a few thousand yen. Depending on your exact rental situation, you may need to transfer your money to a local Japanese bank account or even have money on hand to pay your rent. If you want to save money, look at TransferWise to maintain the real exchange rate and reduce international transfer fees. Some good things you need to be careful about before signing your lease include: a lease usually includes a termination clause stating that a tenant can terminate the contract and remove it from the apartment with a month or two`s notice. However, if the contract contains a full payment clause of the rent for the remainder of the contract in the event of early termination of the contract, the tenant is required to pay the full amount.

Payment To find the payment method, ask your real estate agency/house rental company. The process of a lease beginning with the filing of an application takes 2 or 3 weeks to complete. The process may take longer during the busiest period, from February to the end of March, when many people move in and out before the start of the fiscal/school year in April in Japan. Real estate for foreign residents will also be in high demand between April and July. Consider your schedules, such as for school entry and the start of career in Japan, be well prepared to complete the procedure as smooth as possible. Once the checks are complete, the real estate agency will inform you of the decision whether or not to rent the apartment. If your application is accepted and you decide to rent the apartment, you must enter into a guarantee agreement and a rental agreement. Apart from the different types of contracts, there are other things to consider about Japanese leases.

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