Acaa Agreement

Europe rewards Israel for violations of international law On 23 October, the European Parliament adopted the EU-Israel ACAA trade agreement by 379 votes to 230 and 41 […] The ACAA provides for the recognition of the equivalence of the technical system of control and conformity assessment with the European system, which would allow manufacturers of industrial products to obtain the necessary certificates in Ukraine without entering the EU in search of an official representative (EU citizen) who can possess this certificate. In the event of an appointment, has Israel indicated that the territory for which the competent authority is responsible does not include the OPT? According to Honcharuk, Ukraine`s latest task was to start negotiations on signing the ACAA, the law to reduce pressure on companies by market surveillance authorities, approved by parliament in December. 1. In the light of the Foreign Affairs Council statements of 10 December 2012, in which settlements were declared illegal under international law, does the Commission not agree that settlement products cannot be considered as `legally placed on the market`? Honcharuk added that Ukraine is committed to strengthening cooperation under the Eastern Partnership in the fields of energy, trade, digital economy, customs and security. Expansion of the IDS-E library: request for proposals “We are now waiting for the EU preliminary assessment mission to visit Ukraine and verify the availability of Ukrainian infrastructure and legislation before the start of the talks,” the Prime Minister stressed. Experts estimate that the ACAA could cover up to a fifth of Ukrainian exports to the EU. Visa waiver allowed by the European Parliament Article 5 of the ACAA allows the placing on the market of industrial products “lawfully placed on the market” in Israel, without them being subject to additional control. What is ACAA? ACAA or “Protocol on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products” is a protocol annexed to the EU-Israel Association Agreement. It is intended for access to […] 3. . .


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