Casual Letting Agreement

If you select a candidate, we will review them, including a free credit check, notify you of everything, and then sign them with permission from a lease. The rent and deposit are paid directly to you via the rental account provided. These include marketing your property on our Ray White website,,, as well as a spot on our rental list at our offices in St. Heliers & Kohimarama, handling all tenant questions and inspections, creating and signing the lease, depositing the deposit and withdrawing the first two weekly rents. Used rental is the right thing to do for you if you are satisfied with the lease. This implies: do you want to manage the rentals of your property, but do you not have time to find the right tenant? Do you want to make sure you calculate the right rent and find a suitable tenant? Our occasional rental services help in both situations. As a landlord, I agree that it is my responsibility to do the following: 1. Fill out a written property inspection form when occupying a reference. 2. Fill in a water meter when granting the property. 3.

Complete, if applicable, a list of goods before granting ownership. 4. To ensure that you have received your rent paid by the tenant before granting the property to the tenant. If I refrain from verifying that you have paid your rental fee and have not been paid, I agree to pay your rental fee upon request. 5. No advertising competing with you. 6. I am aware that there is a one week rent plus $150 + GST administration fee for this occasional rental service in which I am charged. I add my data so that you can prepare a lease: during the occasional rental, we take care of the whole process of applying for a rental, saving a lease and recovering the first week of rental.

At this point, we will give you the lease. They will then continue to collect rent and take care of maintenance requests and rent checks. Although all considerations are taken, The Rent Place assumes no financial responsibility in the event of non-rental, late payment or damage to the property during the rental period or by tenants arranged by The Rent Place. We offer a used rental service for landlords at the low cost of a weekly rent plus GST. Well, times have changed and now it is accepted that the landlord pays for the search service of a tenant. The Rent Place has set this rental fee at $550 + GST, regardless of rental income for the first used rental and only $500 + GST for regular customers. We think it`s fair taking into account costs and workload. We already have a lot of satisfied owners who use our used rental service. If you are interested in our service, please fill out the attached Form from the Property Letting Authority and a rental agent will contact you directly.

We expect our landlords to adhere to the following: Rental Agreement: I encourage you to use any lease form you deem appropriate and sign it on our behalf. For CRS, the fee to secure a new tenant is a weekly rent plus a $150.00 management/promotion fee and includes all necessary documents, surety statements, and rental agreements…

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