Church Covenant Agreement Form

With Christ as Lord and Savior, baptized by immersion after my salvation, guided by the Holy Spirit and in accordance with the covenant, teaching and direction of the Church of West Bradenton, I joyfully unite with the Church and commit myselves to God and to other members. This Sunday, my church, West Bradenton Baptist, adopted a new constitution, covenant and status. Throughout the document writing process, our management teams researched different examples of alliances. There have been some good covenants, but many covenants do not directly meet the expectations of parishioners and the expectations of pastors. If your community is looking for an example of ecclesiastical union, do not hesitate to use ours as a starting point. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, there is a clearly defined community of God. God creates a federal relationship with His people. This covenant was first made with the people of Israel by Abraham, and then God established a new covenant with his people, the Church, through Christ. As members of God`s federal family in West Bradenton Baptist Church, we are committed to Christ and to one another. We are committed to the truthfulness of the scriptures. We are committed to leading the Holy Ghost. As a pastor in the Body of Christ, I pledge to join the West Bradenton Baptist Church to meet the expectations of parishioners in the section below. In addition, I defend the following expectations: as a member, I am committed to the Body of Christ, the Church (1 Corinthians 12,27).

Romans 12,4-5). As a member of west Bradenton Baptist Church, I will meet the following expectations:. . .

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