Virgin Pulse Nicotine Free Agreement

About the EX® Program: The EX Program is a digital health program for tobacco addictions from truth Initiative, which personalizes the exit trip for each participant. This interactive, self-ordered exit plan was developed in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic and provides the specialized support tobacco users need for the behavioural, social and physical aspects of nicotine addiction. With an active social network of thousands of smokers and ex-smokers, the EX program offers proven treatments for tobacco removal, through interactive de-escalation tools and videos, live chat, text messages, emails and interrupt medications. Clients receive quarterly reports on program performance, promotional materials, a dedicated customer manager and much more. Visit to learn more. WASHINGTON, 8. July 2020 /PRNewswire/ — At a time when many are working remotely and living non-traditional routines, digital health programs are more important than ever. To enable more tobacco users to have easy access to quit assistance, Truth Initiative, ®, the national public health organization that inspires a tobacco-free life, is collaborating with Virgin Pulse, the largest digital health and wellness company for employees, employers, health plans and their members, to implement its end-of-business program, the EX® program, which has more than 12 million Virgin Pulse users. For more information about the EX program, see For more information on the Truth initiative, see For more information about Virgin Pulse, see

About the Truth Initiative: The Truth Initiative is a national public health organization that inspires a tobacco-free life and builds a culture in which all youth and young adults reject tobacco. In 2020, we will celebrate 20 years of saving lives and preventing millions of young people from smoking. Our influence has helped bring the teen smoking rate down from 23% in 2000 to a record high of 3.7% in 2019. The truth about tobacco and the tobacco industry are at the heart of our proven and nationally recognized truth campaign® public information campaign. The truth has also recently taken over the Vaping youth and opioid epidemics.

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