What Is An Inspection Agreement

Especially in countries where no standards are set, you want to make it clear what your customers should expect. If, for any reason, a contract is not signed, the buyer is free to make a number of expectations that may or may not be deemed valid in court. The address of the property is 123 Fake St. Anytown, IN 00000. The fee for this inspection is as follows: An inspection without agreement or the signing of your contract by customers after the inspection begins is not worth the cost. Make your pre-inspection agreement a priority by having it signed before each inspection. A statute of limitations limits a customer`s ability to make a claim against a home inspector to a certain period of time. The purpose of such a law is to prevent customers from coming back with complaints against building inspectors long after their inspection results are relevant. == ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== Evidence == Let us not hold a building inspector responsible for a failure of an appliance five years after the inspection.) Your training in domicrant inspection has allowed you to be the best building inspector you can be.

But no one is immune to the challenges of handling errors and inappropriate customers, so carefully prepare your pre-inspection agreement and make sure it`s always signed before you start working. Below we list some of the important provisions that should be included in pre-inspection agreements. The list is not exhaustive and does not recognize requirements by state. However, the list can provide the basis for inspectors to start a conversation with competent local legal advisors to create or revise their contractual language for the home inspection. A limitation of liability clause limits your financial liability for missing or omitted defects. For example, if a building inspector misses a roof leak, the client may require the inspector to pay for a new roof. The limitation of liability clause may limit the customer`s claim to just over twice the inspection fee. It`s important to have the help of an attorney to create a pre-inspection agreement, as state laws vary. In particular, limitations of liability may be site-specific. By creating a clear and easy-to-understand pre-inspection agreement, inspectors are likely to resolve disputes before a lawsuit occurs, with less impact on their home inspection insurance. Either way, it`s a good idea to have a lawyer review their final draft to see if they have any additions or suggestions. It`s worth spending once in advance to make sure your pre-inspection agreement legally covers you in case of problems with customers.


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